How do you describe depression?

pexels-photo.jpgAs I write my memoir about my ill-fated adventures with the mental health industry I describe depression as a milky haze and as the cornstarch of the soul, thickening every thought and every movement. If I were to make a depression martini I’d mix one part despair with two parts not giving a shit.

I am wondering… do the descriptions above resonate with others who have experienced depression? How do you describe how living in a depression feels?

If you are not someone who has personally experienced depression, can you relate to how I describe my experience with it?

Your comments/thoughts are appreciated.

7 thoughts on “How do you describe depression?

  1. Anonymous

    Overwhelming hopelessness. When I was younger, I had the “don’t give a shit” part. Now that I’m older, I “do give a shit.” So now add a part of pain to my martini.


  2. Wafa

    Despair, yes. Not giving a shit, not my experience. Caring too much, instead, but feeling utterly confused. Finally, unbearable angst and the weight of the world on my chest and shoulders.


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