Racism and antisemitism as triggers.

I am traveling back to Florida from Nevada, so have been away from my laptop. But the real reason I haven’t posted here, on my fb page, or worked on my memoir is I am so disheartened by the events of the last few days in Charlottesville that I can’t focus on writing. I guess racism, anti Semitism, and neo Nazism are anxiety and depression triggers for me. And you can throw shame in there. I am so ashamed of the president. I’ve been reading a lot of Marcus Aurelius and working on detachment, discernment, and gratitude. It’s hard, though. I am a Jew. My children are East Indian. I have too many friends of color to list. To be the subject of such vitriol is disheartening and, frankly, frightening.

Among other things, the marches were yelling “blood and soil.” Blud und boder. And they screeched out “Jews will not replace us.” I can’t wrap my mind around this hate.

Gotta push through the sadness and anger and shock to find a constructive way to fight the bigotry virus that’s spreading in this country.

How has this affected you emotionally? What do you suggest as a coping mechanism? How do you stay sane when the world seems to be going bat-shit crazy?!

6 thoughts on “Racism and antisemitism as triggers.

  1. Lauren Perez

    I am also having a very hard time with this. I am not a religious Jew…I am American. I never thought I’d be this angry, sad, terrified. I dont know what to do…but know that something has to be done.

    The one thing Ive done is break my rule about keeping my FB silent on “Issues.” Ive been so concerned about posts being seen by potential clients, employers or friends/family with different opinions, that I’ve carefully toned down my posts to make sure I dont offend or alienate anyone…or disclose too much of “myself” on such a public forum. But I cant be silent anymore…and I question anyone who is. See my posts, read my posts and please, God, share my posts. And if the result is fewer jobs, loss of clients, alienation from friends or family, I just dont care. Frankly, those are the least of my problems and Shame on Them.

    I grew up wondering how the jews in germany could just let it happen…how could they have just stayed silent. I pray that we have learned from history. I am an American and there are people in my country who hate me…even though theyve never met me. These people dont think I deserve to be an American. The jews in Germany were Germans. Maybe the jews in Germany didnt say anything because they were Germans and they thought calmer heads would prevail. 6 million were killed. Putting our faith in calmer heads is not an option.

    We have an elected government that is symptomatic of an aggressive and fatal disease. I know I must do something but I dont know what. I am terrified —especially for my child and his cousins — and I, too, am having a very difficult time.

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    1. Cathy Dew

      Thank you for breaking your silence. I know that it’s hard and I applaud you for doing what many won’t do And that is to speak up. These phrases are catchy but true. White Silence = White Consent. White Silence = Violence. I’m not sure where you live but there may be a SURJ chapter nearby. It is a good way to find active white allies. It’s not perfect but what is.


  2. Cathy Dew

    Bravo for speaking out. Waking up to the real oppression and hatred in our country is a little overwhelming. Realizing that we are not very far along the path to wiping out racism. Hitting that poibtvwhere you can no longer be silent is big. I encourage you to stay with your rage and your fear and your shame. Own it and let it guide you to standing up. Speaking out. Being active. Challenging the status quo. It is a huge privilege to stand on the sidelines. As you start to recognize your privilege, decide what you will do with it. How you can use it to fight the ugly evil hatred and oppression. I’m figuring things out. Finding ways to actively engage. I’m new to this but happy to share what I’m doing.


    1. Agree Cathy. But as a Jew I am not standing on the sidelines. Those nazis were calling out “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us.” I care deeply for my brothers and sisters of color and recognize that I pass for white… except when I don’t. I am a target. It’s personal. I can’t back down because the last time my people believed rational minds would prevail, 6 million proved them wrong.


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